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Green fluffy battery cable!HELP!

Hi everyone,
    I have a new gremlin in my 1987 Audi 5Ks...I pulled up the back seat
last week to find the cable that connects the battery to the car was all
corroded--I mean, it was literally green and fluffy.  I didn't want to
touch it until I consulted with all of you.
     A friend of mine told me to pour a solution of baking soda and water
on it but I'm afraid if the cable has been eaten away I will be stuck
with no cable and a big puddle of water in my car---of course I have been
in that position before--last winter a really bad storm knocked out my
cable and well, we all know I have window trouble--that's where the water
part comes in, and came in. Anyway that's neither here nor there.
      Any advice is greatly appreciated, If possible please email me,
since I'm not on the list anymore...I miss it!

Take care and thank you!