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Re: Green fluffy battery cable!HELP!

     Hi Stefanie,
     Sounds like you have a bad problem with copper corrosion (maybe due to 
     electrolyte leaking from the battery, but more likely just regular 
     (bad though) copper corrosion - humidity and electrical current).
     My advice would be to go to an electrical supplier and by "Superflex 
     Welding Cable" of at least AWG #2 (or larger) size. It normally has 
     silicon or EPDM rubber insulation and should prevent this from 
     happening again (even if you haave waterleakages). Run the cable all 
     the way to the engine bay or (easier) splice it with a proper device 
     (insulated H- or C-tap) to where the old cable is good and unaffected 
     by corrosion.
     Best.../// P-O selander, Dallas, TX
     89 100E
     91 300ZXTT