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Remove Instrument Cluster + Fuel Warning Light


Need to remove my instrument cluster on a 1989 100E. Is "only" 
to remove the four screws that holds the lower plastic "lip" 
under the instruments or do I have to take out the entire dash? 
Does anyone have any instructions handy?

Since my speedo cables shorted out at the pulse sending sensor 
(probe), it seems like the temp meter "went" the same way and is 
now resting steady in its left position. Kinda annoying when you 
can't see that the engine actually heats up.

Another one. I am supposed to have a warning light for low fuel 
level. Does anyone know where it is supposed to be? I don't have 
the trip computer or the vehicle self check system. Have now to 
drive on the odometer (once the speedo is back in action) and 
fill up every appr. 440 miles.

Anyone have any other ideas/suggestions?

Best.../// P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
89 100E
91 300ZXTT