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VW Passat Synchro...

Well, the consensus is in: The car I saw is the new VW Passat quattro.  I'm
sorry I let my Autoweek subscription lapse since I probably would have seen
the photos of it and not been so surprised when this one suddently appeared
alongside me the other day.  BTW, the crappy quality of the photos isn't my
fault ... they look fine on the contact-print proof sheet but lousy printed
on 4"x6" paper.  I guess there's a reason why 1-hour photo shops are cheap!

Needless to say, I've got to keep a camera with me at all times now: On the
way to work this morning, I followed a pearl white '92 100 that was painted
not-found-in-nature *PINK* below the side-molding!  Definitely eye-catching,
to say the least.  Then there was the 1986 5k low-rider I saw last week...

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