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Re: control pressure regulator

> The mysterious screw isn't a screw. (Behave yourself, Bob...)  It is
> actually more of a plug.  Don't remember which is rich/lean, but the
> only easy access is from the large front face while it's mounted on the
> block.  Played with this once, it takes a punch and a gentle touch to move
> it inwards (towards block). > 
> Don't know if you could move it back out without dissassembly.  Hope this
> helps. Someone else posted the plug resembled a production flashing.
> That's a pretty accurate description.

The procedure for adjusting K-jet control pressure regulators is spelled out
in detail in an out-of-print book called "BMW Fuel Injection: An Enlightened
Approach."  It was written by Jim Rowe and Jim Blanton of Metric Mechanic in
Kansas City, MO and was published in 1985 ... it went out of print after the
two authors decided to go their separate ways.

Basically, the whole book is dedicated to explaining how to work on Bosch FI
systems *without* a lot of special tools ... lots of practical knowledge and
detailed explanations.  Although it doesn't cover any systems after 1985, it
is well worth the search as most of the operating principles remain the same
despite all the fancy electronic add-ons that have appeared since then.

Anyway, in this book, they not only detail the above approach to adjusting a
control pressure regulator but also one where you use brass shims made using
a hole punch and .002-.005" shim stock (as you can see, it doesn't take much
movement of the pin to make big changes ... according to the book, the usual
range is between .006 to .012").  Instead of using a punch to move the post,
you put shims under the bi-metallic plate ... this way, it's easy to back-up
if you go too far.  BTW, if you decide to use the punch method instead, they
recommend using a bolt instead of a punch and double-nutting it at the right
spot to serve as a depth gauge.  That way, you can hammer away without going
too far...

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