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A6: The Next Generation

AutoWeek, Nov. 18, 1996, has a spy photo of the next A6.  Supposedly it will be 
introduced in March at the Geneva Auto show.

According to AutoWeek, "The A6's styling is similar to the smaller A4's, with a rounded 
roof, larger greenhouse and raised decklid."  Longer wheelbase than current A6.

My first impression is lukewarm.  Surely this is an early prototype.  In the 
'computer-enhanced' photo the body lower, wider, longer, and more sleek than the current
A6;  The rear quarter panel is more reminisent of the last generation 5000/100 
(1984-1989). There are rear wheel arches, but the length of the rear fender reminds me 
of my '87 5k CS TQ. The whole car appears stretched out.  :)   Appears to have low 
profile tires, 17 or 18" wheels.  So far so good.

What strikes me negatively is the old style 'grab-handle' door handles.  And the absence 
of the C-pillar window--you, know the triangle window behind the rear door window. 
Instead the C-pillar is solid and filled in--kinda like a big kciub.  The door trim and 
window trim looks clunky too, surely not production stuff.

I'm interested in other reader's reactions