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Re: Audi widows

>> On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Meron wrote:
>> > My wife wants to know if the guys on the list have any other life than
>> > their Q, I do not think they do, what do you think?
>>Sounds like it's time to send Meron's wife a membership to the Audi
>widow's club.  Portia, are you still out there spearheading this
Mrs. Meron, Meron, and Gary:  

YES, I am still out here.  There is a life beyond Audis, but you have to
fight them every step of the way.  It's a good thing we had two of our kids
pre-Audi list!  The third was the result of an obscure Audi god celebratory
ritual.  (Just kidding!?!)
The Audi Widow(er)s charge no monetary dues because, honey, we all pay our
dues every day.  Michael and I plan to be at the NW Quattro Club dinner
December 7.  I'm considering requesting a separate table for the Widow(er)s
so we can sit around and gripe while the Audiphiles swap war stories.  ("I
swear, that bolt was THIS BIG!  I thought I'd NEVER get the darn thing
off!")  The dinner will also give me the opportunity to put faces to names
and prepare my voodoo dolls of list members who post messages that interest
Michael.  You've all been warned!

Portia Loeks, Audi Widow

               Michael Loeks
               '86 Audi 5kcstq - Red w/ Fuchs/D60A2 1.8 bar boost
               '85 Toyota Celica GT-S Convertible 
               '84 Ford F350 dually flatbed (For Sale soon)
               Warren, Oregon