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Re: Nucleus (read all or none please)

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> Indianapolis - too far east.  No good songs.
> I'm goin' to Kansas City, yeah.  That's my vote.
 San Jose has a song too

I said good songs (ouch - was that a pre-singe?)

My second vote is Pike's Peak.  Mountains!  Rocky Mountain Spring Water! 
Memories of my misspent youth...

I mean really.  Indy is not only WAY to the east of center, it's in Indiana.
 Nobody around here ever struggled to establish residency so they could come
back and use Indiana plates for a year.  The kids around here who have to
leave to find themselves go to LA, Oregon/Washington, and (drum roll)

I'm really sorry for the negative tone about the mid west here, but as a
vacation destination, and that's what it will have to be, it's just not high
on my list.  I'm not sure I dare "send" this mail, too many people to offend
, and some have already decided to babysit this project - unfortunately they
want to bring it to Indy.

Hey, so Indy it is.  If Eric et al put all that effort in to it, why not? 
Build it and they will come.


The engine comes out of the red coupe tomorrow... and goes into the gold one
... Please for one big USA world quattro list 24 hour planetwide
fingercrossing - minimal manifold stud breakage and maximal transplant
success!  thank you for your spiritual support in this traumatic project!  

Hugs and kisses -
Huw Powell

temporary ride (engine donor) mars red 82 coupe

Under the weather:
82ish Coupe 
73 F250 it runs before I sleep tonight!

The Graveyard:
80 5k, 81 5kt, 87 5ks :parts f/s

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