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1990 Quattro Coupe Brake light- Dealer Dumb.

Hello all.  Haven't been checkin' in cuz I'm moving me AND the business this
month. Double wammy.

A few months ago, I replaced my bomb in the 1990 Coupe Q.  And about 4 weeks
ago, my brake light started to come on and stay on for about 15-20 seconds
after I turn the car on in the morning.  ALSO, when I depress the brakes
about 15 times when the car is off, it takes a good few seconds for the
pressure to build and for the light to go off when I turn the car on.

The original repair was covered by my warranty. I left the car with the
dealer so he could cold start it, but when I returned, the Dealer claims
there are no problems and that he had hooked my car up to some fancy pressure
gauges and found no anomalies.  

So- who is full of poo-poo here?  Aren't my sypmtoms the result of a bad
bomb, or am I nuts?  BTW- this dealer sucks.  I only went back to them since
they did the job the first time.  They are Steve Taub Porsche Audi in Santa
Monica, CA. Stay away.

Thanks guys.

Saam Gabbay,
1990 Coupe Quattro.