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Re: 1990 Quattro Coupe Brake light- Dealer Dumb.

SaamG@aol.com wrote:
> Hello all.  Haven't been checkin' in cuz I'm moving me AND the business this
> month. Double wammy.
> A few months ago, I replaced my bomb in the 1990 Coupe Q.  And about 4 weeks
> ago, my brake light started to come on and stay on for about 15-20 seconds
> after I turn the car on in the morning.  ALSO, when I depress the brakes
> about 15 times when the car is off, it takes a good few seconds for the
> pressure to build and for the light to go off when I turn the car on.
> The original repair was covered by my warranty. I left the car with the
> dealer so he could cold start it, but when I returned, the Dealer claims
> there are no problems and that he had hooked my car up to some fancy pressure
> gauges and found no anomalies.
> So- who is full of poo-poo here?  Aren't my sypmtoms the result of a bad
> bomb, or am I nuts?  BTW- this dealer sucks.  I only went back to them since
> they did the job the first time.  They are Steve Taub Porsche Audi in Santa
> Monica, CA. Stay away.
> Thanks guys.
> Saam Gabbay,
> 1990 Coupe Quattro.Saam:
Perform following test:
Engine running idle - steering to right or left full lock 20 seconds - same time pump 
brakes hard 10 to 15 consecutive times - ligth on ? bad belt or  bad pump or bad bomb 
(check valve) pressure bleed before exchange !
Light not on - stop engine - pump brake 10 to 15 times (short quick strokes) light on ? 
bad bomb (pressure accumulator).
Light not on ? .... Drive car in very safe place speed 65 mph - apply full stop pressure 
to brakes ( I meant emergency stop pressure! ) - ABS actuates several times  ? - good 
bomb ! - light on ? probably bad sensor....
All above assumes booster cylinder has been tested for leaks !
Good luck !