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Re: V8Q Sparkplugs!

  rawaudi@frugal.com (Robert Wheeldon) writes:
 > Or is it possible that I have a 4.2L rather than a 3.6L engine?  How
 > do I tell what engine is in the car? 

   Very doubtful for that vintage Audi. Besides, I believe the
   plugs are identical in both engines. 

   The carwash is telling, you could have wet anything. When a
   friend was searching for a V8Q, a second test drive saved
   him from major expense, the selling dealer had the engine steam
   cleaned and a $50 Audi dealer inspection revealed a fried
   'puter because of the cleaning.  Have you checked the
   dist. cap etc., maybe some water got into there and
   played havoc with a sensor or something? 


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