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Re: fogged windows 5KS

Check under the carpets - is it wet ? It's possible that if there is
water then it is evaporating when the car get hot and condenses onto the
window screen. My old Golf (And just today my quattro) has  / this
problem - the Golf was so bad that when I drove it for 2 minutes I had
to stop as the car was getting hotter and the screen was getting more
and more misted up ! (It had about  1 cm of water in the passenger foot
well!) Anyway I sorted it by taking the seats out carpets up and drying
them which is alot of trouble but the old way to do it.

> I ahve a '88 5KS, and as soon as the weather turned cold, I have had a
> problem with the windows fogging up while the AC/Heater is going.  They
> remain clear where the defroster is blowing on the side windows and the
> windsheild - but the rear window and side windows are bad.
> Is this some weird Audi "feature" or do I have some exciting new repairs
> to look forward to?  I don't smell antifreeze, but as my great
> grandmother was said "I don't smell so good anymore."  BTW, she was
> right at the time.
> Ron