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re:dash lights, '89 200 TQ

Chewy says
>On my 89 200TQ, my hand brake light is always on,think the
>switch is shot.
>When the lights are on, both blinker lights get bright, and the
>blue high beem light gets bright. Now when I go make a turn
>and flick the turn >signal, all these lights
>flash along with the turn signal. 

The brake light may be the Pentosin level, bad bomb, or
handbrake switch.

The other problem is the circuit board in the instrument cluster. 
On the '91 200 TQW, all these circuits share the same ground,
external to the instrument cluster.  Check the wire to ground in
the harness, just in case.  When I encountered the problem, I
whined to the Audi dealer, and they got Audi to pony up for the
circuit board.  Circuit board replaced, no more goofy lights.  If
your adept to circuit board troubleshooting, I'm sure it could be

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro