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Re: Pentosin volcano!

> Need: Torque settings for two long allen bolts which hold the case halves
> together, and need to identify if pump shaft rear bearing contains a check
> valve, and how to test it. Once the case halves are apart, if you look into
> the rear half, there is a large boss with a 5MM allen socket down inside it.
> Unscrewing this brings the boss out - it looks like a flanged bell - there's
> an O ring under it (this is the one that's missing) - in the center, looking
> from the back, there's a small hole with what LOOKS like it might be a
> single steel ball bearing in it. It doesn't move, and I can't see the other
> side to see if there's a spring there - I think it is simply a hole plug,
> but would like confirmation of this.

Allen bolts: 26 ft lb
Check valves: 11 ft lb (two small allens at the front)
Pressure relief valve: 22 ft lb
X-caps: 36 ft lb (good luck!)

Source 84-88 Bentley and Igor (thanks!)

That 5mm allen in the 'boss' is the pressure relief valve for the power
steering side of the pump.  "There may be partial failure of power
steering assistance" if this isn't working correctly according to my Bentley.
...along with frappe'd Pentosin in the case of my spare pump.
The pressure relief valve should unscrew from the 'boss'.