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88'5KCSTQ Ticking (and Marvel Mystery Oil?)

In message <199611191451.JAA16562@maple.sover.net> sbrehm@sover.net (Steve Brehm) writes:
>   Steve,
> Yes, this will be a bitch of a job!  When you remove the exhaust 
> manifold, I highly suggest replacing it with a 2-piece EM off a 200.  
> These do not crack like the ones off the 5k do.

Highly concur.  Adam Marsden in the UK has a series of mods to fit the 2-piece
manifold to various cars, including the ur-quattro.  Very good idea.

> Yours is cracked!  Trust me.  It is not a big deal unless the cracks occur 
> in certain areas.

I _have_ heard of the engine mounting below the manifold being burnt away.  No 
proof, though, so perhaps an urban legend.

> Also, replace the EM studs with new ones.

Absolutely.  But that means getting the old ones out ...

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club