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RE: Marvel Mysetery oil

>     Sorry, forgot to include this.  Yes, Marvel Mystery oil is truly a "snake
>oil" as they call 'em.  But, IT WORKS!  My friend with a 5ktq added some with h
>is oil (one traetment) and lifter noise hasn't returned since.  You supposedly
>add one quart of Marvel and then 4 Quarts of your usual oil.  I was going to ad
>d some, but then I wasn't sure whether you could add it in with synthetic.  I
>still don't know, but maybee someone else on this list knows the answer.  I'd a
>sk your mechanic that question.  He probably knows.
>     I haven't decided to add it because I have not had a problem with lifter n
>oise since I have been using the OEM (Mahle) oil filters with the synthetic mot
>or oil (Castrol Syntec).  You are wise by using synthetic motor oil (Mobil 1),
>but if you are not using the OEM oil filters, I suggest that you do.  You may
>get the same results as I did.

Hi Dan,

	I've had no problem adding Mystery Oil to my Amsoil synth before oil
changes. I use the Amsoil ASF-34 filter in my '87 5kCSQ with no ill effects.
They are well made and less expensive than the "import" filters. No connection
between Amsoil and myself except that I like their products.



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