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Audi Theft Prevention

In message <vines.izZ7+x,YYmA@bangate2.tek.com> scott.john.mockry@bangate1.tek.com writes:

> To add some additional theft protection and make it more difficult 
> for someone to steal my car, I normally install a "kill switch" that
> disconnects the electric fuel pump from the ECU Fuel pump relay
> control so that even if the car is hot wired
> (steering column lock/switch bypassed) the car may start but will 
> quickly die and not restart. 

All of these schemes are great, but - if you decide on a home-grown system - 
make sure that at least one of its functions is to kill the starter.
A knowledgeable thief, if he can get the engine to turn on the starter, can 
dump the ECU codes and work out where you've intervened in the wiring.

(Can't he, Steve?  LOL.)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club