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snow tire purchase

OK folks, here is the scoop.

Pat Greer does not discount except for volume (I was mistaken
about the Saab discount) but I negotiated the following discount:

Pat will take off $5 per tire ordered IF you mention my name.
His prices seem very good for the Nokians, and they include 
shipping.  Note that this is a one-time discount and may not happen
again next year (he was reluctant to offer any discount).

Sample prices:

Size		Style		Price
----		-----		-----
175/70R13	Hakka10		$64.95
175/70R13	NRW-T		$68.80
175/70R14	Hakka10		$68.40
175/70R14	NRW-T		$70.40
195/65R15	Hakka10		$81.95
195/65R15	Hakka10		$89.45
205/70R14	Hakka09		$82.40
205/65HR15	NRW-H		$97.95

(my understanding of the tires - ask Pat for particulars)

- Hakka10 is the well known deep snow tire, agressive tread.
- Hakka09 has a similar tread
- NRW-T is a T rated, less agressive tread that offers better
  traction on ice and lower noise levels.
- NRW-H is the H rated version, with less noise and longer life

Pat also has steel rims in stock: 

14" (4kq): $60 inc. mounting/balance
15" : $70-72
7x15: $82

Another option is Tire Rack.  They would not discount at all,
but their prices are very low.  They did suggest that you
could save on shipping by getting a few people together and
picking them up at one place, ie all you NH folk could get
them at Chris Semple's.  I'm not sure if he can m/b there,
but maybe he'll give you a good deal :).  Actually, thisd
group ship thing might work with Greer too - ask him.

As an example, Tire Rack had Dunlop Graspic tires for these

175/70R13: $41
175/70R14: $44
195/65R15: $56
205/65R15: $57

all prices plus shipping (about $20-26 on a set of 4)

I also asked Tire Rack about steel wheels.  Here's what I was

14" (4kq): $49
15" (100q): $39 (yes, I double checked.  these are new)

Contact info:

Pat Greer	414-545-2296
Tire Rack	800-428-8355 (I spoke with Brad at x398) 
Autobahn Motors	603-226-1810 (for you NH folks)

Hope this helps some of you.  I am not getting anything out of
this deal myself, except maybe a set of tires at the above
prices in a few weeks :)

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
ANS 				http://coimbra.ans.net/dans.html
100 Clearbrook Road  			(914) 789-5378 (voice)
Elmsford, NY 10523			(914) 789-5310 (fax)