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Freak accident

Just to let you all know......10 mph with no seat belts and a dead stop
can cause serious damage to your face. 

My son was in a parking lot.....we were in our car not far behind
him.....parking his car......his female friend noticed we had lagged
behind.....my son turned his head to glance back and hit a curbing he
didn't know was there in the dark part of the parking lot.  For the first
time EVER, he and his friend did not have a seat belt on.  She put her
face through the windshield, he hit his head on the WINK mirror (5 panel
mirror) and both had 5 to 10 stitches......the car (the 86 4kq, had it's
oil pan destroyed, the main crossmember bent and lost the ac condensor and
radiator.  A mess to say the least.  

If I hadn't seen it happen I never would have believed he was only going
around 10 mph.  I could not believe the damage a 10" granite curb could do
and that your body could go that quickly........

So......don't move the car without your seatbelts.....