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>  Now, answer me honestly ... is there anyone on the list who
>would even   consider devoting that much
>time/money/consideration to testing the blood   in their very
>own bodies? And does this say something about priorities? 

I work with the nuclear utility industry, and they do it all the time on all of
their equipment. Makes a lot of sense. For those who aren't familiar, it called
predictive maintenance (versus the old preventative maintenance).

You can then trend each of these contamination levels over time from samples and
now determine a new frequency of oil changes, or if something is degrading, like
the bearings or seals in a piece of equipment.

If you did a couple times on your car, you could determine when it is most
cost-effective (and doesn't' hurt your engine) to change your oil. Considering I
use Mobil 1, and it costs me about $20 in oil/filter each time I do it, and if
it costs $8 to do a kit, which makes more sense? Not to mention you could answer
that age long question with objective evidence on necessary periodicity of
changing your oil.

Food for thought!


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

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