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Decision Continued woe or let it go?(long)

In message <UPMAIL02.199611221022130268@msn.com> "Colin Barfoot" writes:

> I also have to give this thought frequently!

> 2. I've only get 290,000 km on mine and it should be good for another 200k km 
> or so.

After spending GBP8000 in three years on parts and labour - I'm actually buying 
a second one!

Actually - not quite.  John Coughtrie (also an ur-quattro nutcase) is selling 
me his 1983 Coupe GT (with a 1985 injection engine) for GBP700.  He can't 
afford to run three cars because, largely, of parking restrictions near his 
home.  His wife _insisted_ that he find "a good home" for "her" car - so it's 
moving four miles north and she can visit it Sundays.
I'm just looking through John's (inch-think) invoice file ...

We think the car has done, overall, around 210k miles.

Anyway, this should give me the chance I need to get the ur-quattro up on axle 
stands for some serious restoration.    

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club