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Re: Speeding Ticket: Any hope?

Both of my advices may not be useful in MA, but anyway...

1. In, I believe CA, radar tickets are invalid if the road in question
did not have its speed limit established "scientifically" (read statistically)
during the last 5 years.

2. In NY there is a law firm called "Traffic Lawyers" (or something like this).
They fight any ticket for half of its value as their fee.  Basically what they
do is either
	a.  have the judge dismiss the case if the cop is late (clients with
	lawyers go first in NY)
	b.  use some legal mumbo-jumbo similar to 1.
There was an article about them in the "Newsday" quite some time ago.

And, finally, some general ranting.  Figure out if the ticket was given by
state or local town police.  The "home-brewn" cops and courts are notorious
for their desire to just generate some additional revenue for themselves.
Two of my friends got such tickets from a local "village cop": one for 32
in 30, another for "irresponsible driving" -- passing.

Good luck!

Eugene Tyurin, Ph.D.             1985 4000s Quattro + Callaway Turbo