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Re: Headlight protection

    Yes sir boys and girls,

            This stuff is worlds better than the clear plastic 
shields that I used to put on my headlights to prevent rock/stone 
chips. The backing is made by 3M so it sticks very well! I've got 
this stuff on both headlights and on my Bosch driving lights below 
the bumper. It's been on for about 3 months with no yellowing and 
been through plenty of high pressure car washes. The only thing that 
one has to cut out besides the trimming of size is also to cut out 
around each nipple that the Hella's have from the factory. There are 
three per headlight but this is pretty simple to do. I think that the 
10X16" sheet might cover both headlights on an '87 5TQ. I had mine 
ordered through Audi in Denver and paid $50 for two sheets that fit 
perfectly. So this deal that Ingo has found is much better! A must 
for winter driving in Colorado. Highly recommmend for anyone who has 
replaced stock unit for$$$$$$$$. 

                               Chad Clark  '875TQ