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clutch click '87 5TQ

Hello again in Q-land,

         Well this isn't a severe problem but once again, I can't be 
the only one with this particular problem. While releasing the 
clutch in the car it clicks when I get about three quarters the way 
out.. When I depress the clutch, the click is much more faint and 
barely audible. The click upon releasing is very annoying and sounds 
about as loud as one clicking their fingers together. I've been down 
there with WD-40 and a flashlight many times and have yet to find  
 or see anything wrong.  The real catcher?? The noise will disappear 
for six months at a time and return for anywhere from 2-4 months. 
(It's done this for 2 years now) ???????????????????????????????
        Before my mechanic rips the whole thing apart, I told him I'd 
post this prob. in case anyone has had experience with this annoyance 
and in case there are parts needed to be ordered. TIA.

                   Chad Clark    '87 5TQ

 P.S. This is not related to the clutch needing replacement. It still 
works perfectly and no slipping is detected-100K mi.