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Re: Ski-rack

Alexei M Voloshin wrote:
> Just wondering...
> does anybody know a place to get a fairing (an aerodynamic visor) for
> Yakima rack for a reasonable price? I really don't feel like taking the
> rack off and putting it on with ever ski strip! Without the visor there
> is a lot of noise on the highway. (just crank that volume up on the
> stereo - right?)
> A ski shop here wants $80 for a peice of plastic!!! I'm looking to pay
> around half of that for a new one. Used will also do.
> Thanks, Alex---------------


  80.00 bucks are they out of their minds!   The things retail at I 
think 59.00us dollars....   I work in a bike shop and we should have 
them in stock. Call me at 412 266 1111 and I WILL CHECK. I will be there 
from 10:30 till 8:00 wens and just ask for me Marty S.

seriously the fairing does not cost 80.00 and if you live close to pitt 
pa we can meet some where or we can ship ups. Call today dont delay.

   Marty S.