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Re:A4 Remote Locks

At 03:34 PM 11/27/96 -0800, you wrote:
>> Has anyone noticed any problems with the A4's
>> unlocking?
>I have the factory installed system.  It has two buttons, "lock" and
>"unlock."  One is raised and the other recessed, so you can feel which
>is which in the dark.  The system works fine, although "remote" has to
>be pretty close; you walk up to the car and press the button rather than
>zap it while you cross the parking lot.

Replacing the battery and cleaning oxidized contacts almost
doubled the distance for me.  The battery was only 6 months old at the

>Works fine in temperatures into the teens so far.

Mine works fine also.  I have the factory system and the only unusual
thing that I have noticed, is that the system will turn itself off after
about one week of not using the remote.  Using the key to unlock the
driver's door will restart the system.

96 A4Q
86 4KS