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Number plates

In message <m0vTMSz-0008WoC@yage.tembel.org> shields@tembel.org (Michael Shields) writes:

> Are there conditions under which a car can have euro plates in the US?

You might just have to wonder again ...
A couple of us are wondering just how much it would cost to take a car to the 
USA for a short holiday.  Not for long - just for the Pikes Peak weekend.
We kinda thought it would be fun to show you guys an MB TORSEN and a 20v ur-
quattro - just to get you _real_ _mad_ at Audi stopping US imports back in '85.
The MB needs leaded gas, of course, and we might just have to put the cat back 
in the 20v.  How long would it take to drive from the east coast to Pikes Peak 
and back (no silly answers, please)?
Anyone shipped a car to the USA as a visitor? 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club