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Tornado Red Uni-Color Paint

Dear fellow Audi owners -

I have a '91 Tornado Red 100.  I love the car except for the paint.  I was
told by the dealer that this color is what-they-call paint and clear coat in
one.   The main problem with this paint is that when you use the windshield
washer, the alcohol in the fluid oxidizes on the paint.  This leaves milky
white streaks and blotches on the hood, trunk and roof.  These blotches
require that I spend about 3 hours with an orbital buffer and clear coat
polish to remove them.   

If anyone has experienced this problem and has found a solution (other than
repainting the car), I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Is there a
washer fluid that doesn't contain alcohol ???  Is there a sealant for the
paint that will stop this oxidation ??? I've resorted to using pure water in
the tank during the summer.  But since I live in Chicago, the solvent is
necessary in winter.

Thanks for the help,