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Re: H4 bulbs

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Yup, they are different.  When I installed Euro lights on my 4k, I had to
redo the setup to the bulbs.   I was able to push the connectors back
through the plastic and rewire that way, made life a bit easier.

Thanks for the confirmation, John.  What is weird is that I have a set on my
truck replacing the 7" round sealed beams, which function correctly with the
stock wiring.  

Also, after you release the tabs and push the wires out of the connector,
you might as well reinstall them in the connector where you want them - to
reduce the chance of shorting and to simplify bulb replacement in the future
.  And use silicon dielectric grease while you're at it for longevity.

>Can you send me JC Whitney's phone number please...I don't have it.

312-431-6102 24 hours.
Huw Powell

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7 Kelsey Road
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