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Interesting Car for Sale

In message <> Ron LaPlace writes:

>         Make:   NSU/Audi
>         Model:  RO-80
>         Year:   early '70's? (he said but I missed it)
>         Engine: 987 cc
>                 2 rotor Wankel

Yup, it's an interesting car.  Just don't try to use it as a form of transport.
For its time, it has a pretty advanced aerodynamic shape - not seen with 
conventional Audis until the mid-1980s.  _Very_ distinctive.  It has all sorts 
of other innovations, like inboard (sprung) disk brakes.
The drawback is the engine.  They never did get edge sealing of the rotors 
(analogous to piston rings) to work properly.  Wear is a serious problem.
Its devotees are true fanatics.  There is a _very_ active RO80 club in Germany.

Don't be fooled by the engine cc - those are "Wankel"  ccs and each is worth a 
lot more than conventional ccs.  Performance is almost equivalent to a 2 litre 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club