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Re: Interesting Car for Sale

>        Make:   NSU/Audi
>        Model:  RO-80
>        Year:   early '70's? (he said but I missed it)
>        Engine: 987 cc
>                2 rotor Wankel
>        Other Stuff:
>        He shipped the car over from Austria when he immigrated to
>        Canada.  It's in "great condition" and he's looking for a "good home"
>        (his words) for it with someone who knows and cares about its value
>        and history.  Price is "negotiable".

I grew up in Austria in the '70s -- there were plenty of these on the
road in the early '70s).  IMHO, the car was way ahead of its time --
sleek, aerodynamic shape (the last generation Audi 80 had some styling
elements which I thought looked remarkably similar to the NSU RO-80)
and numerous other innovations.  The car came in some interesting
colors (a bright red and orange come to mind) and performed well.  The
only problem was reliablity of the engine -- the rotary engine was a
bold experiment in this car, but I don't think they managed to get it
to be as reliable as Mazda did.

-- Shakil

Dr. Shakil Ahmed                          
Process Driven Trading, Morgan Stanley & Co.