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85 GT driver's window won't work

My brother has an 85 Audi GT (US model), and suddenly the driver's side
window mechanism (electric) doesn't work.  It's stuck down right now, which
is a real bummer because it's raining this weekend.

What he hears is that this mechanism is unique to the GT, and since there
weren't that many GTs sold, it's hellacious expensive to fix.  Something
like $300, because the part would have to come from Germany.

The obvious alternative is a used part, but those are apparently very hard
to come by, due to the unusualness of the car and some of its parts (such
as this).  Rebuilding the mechanism is, according to my brother and his
repair sources, not doable.

Anyone have any ideas on fixing this problem for less than buying a
brand-new part?  Anyone know of any sources for a used electric window
mechanism for an 85 GT?