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Re: Exclusive Use of Torsen in Audi Cars

On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Karl J. Kuchma wrote:

> The Torsen system, the complete system, is exclusive to Audi for
> at least 1 more year.  I recently spoke with a dealer.  Audi has the
> right to re-sign for exclusive use or to allow the Torsen system to
> become available to all vendors.  For me to discuss this matter in 
> any more detail would be inappropriate.  Contact your local Audi
> dealer so that they can better answer your question concerning the
> Torsen system currently in use on Audi cars.

	 That's quite a sales line from your local dealer.  :-)

	The Torsen differential as produced by Gleason is currently or
previously used in Audi, Hummer, Mazda RX7, Toyota Supra, Olds 442, and a
few other that I have forgotten.  It is available aftermarket for BMW,
Mercedez, GM, Honda, Toyota, VW, Porsche, etc. 

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