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Re: Windshield wiper fluid

Audi ships cars from the factory with Autobahn Premium Windshield
Washer Solvent.  It's based on Isopropyl Alcohol (isopropanol).
The Audi "yellow" fluid works real nice and smells really nice too.

I have a brochure here on this stuff.
The brochure says it's available in two sizes:
	SIZE			AUDI Part Number
	64 fluid ounces		ZVW 177 906
	16 fluid ounces		ZVW 177 904
It's kind of expensive.  My dealer charges $3.70 for a 16 oz. bottle.

It's a concentrate, and you mix it with water according to what
freezing temperature you're willing to put up with.
Mixing it 1:2 with water gets you protection to +2 F.
That works out to something like $10 a gallon!

The local Audi dealers (local == Columbus OH USA) look at you funny when
you go in to ask for this stuff.  If you take your car in for service,
they fill up your tank with regular old VW "blue" solvent: ZVW 177 902.
($2.90/gallon.  I checked into that too.)
They claim (of course they have to) that the VW "blue" stuff
is loads better than the run of the mill "blue" stuff that you can
buy at any other store.

1995 A6Q w/Gamma CD mit RDS!

>From: JET <jet@denver.net>
>Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 13:53:24 -0700
>Subject: Windshield wiper fluid
>Does anybody have information about the wiper fluid in the '97 A4's? 
>Whenever I use it to clean the windshield, the inside of the car fills
>with this strong odor -- kind of like a rubbing alcohol smell.  Is this
>some kind of special fluid ( just like the new antifreeze)?  Can I fill
>the fluid myself with the regular old "blue stuff?"  Thanks.
>Jason Teller
>'97 Cactus Green A4