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Re: doors freezing (was:posts)

>Again, I am being flamed for one day of "uncut" text because I was in a
>hurry.  Don't you think I felt guilty?  I did, BEFORE the flaming.  Gee,
>guys, I'm sorry, but some of the rest of the folks out there better be
>getting the flames as well.  Damn, I'm sick of this crap.

Don't worry. We all make mistakes. On a scale from one to ten (what with
lots of advertising junk and 'this message has bounced' garbage) this
doesn't even register.

>How do you keep the door rubber itself from freezing shut when you have
>rain, turning to sleet, then snow?  That was the ultimate problem with my

Use something to keep them lubricated. Vaseline is OK, but there are
special sticks of silicone based gunk you can buy for this purpose. Works a
treat and makes the door rubbers last longer! (I realize there's plenty of
stuff in this reply for some lewd remarks...)

1988 80 1.8S (looking dirty, but the door rubbers are well protected)

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