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Euro lights

As promised, we attempted to get a photograph comparing stock Euro lights with 
my high-intensity version.

We positioned John Coughtrie's car ("Annie", A223 ANH) alongside mine (F600 
JVJ) - John had the stock 65/55 watt mains, and I had 170/100s.  Both cars were 
set on main beam and the results were photographed from behind as they shone 
onto a wooden rail fence up at the Nottingham UK quattro Owners Club meeting.
The result is good, if you know what you're looking at.  It looks as if John's 
car is sitting with its parking lights on.
It's not so good because it doesn't really show the beam pattern.  It would be 
better to photograph them from much higher up (perhaps 30') as they illuminate 
slightly rising ground.
We plan to repeat the experiment and benefit from what we have learned.  
However, in all fairness, John should replace the below-par reflectors in his 
driving lights (the centre H1s) first.  He also has to replace his cylinder 
head gasket, since it has now deteriorated to the point where the back of the 
car is cloaked in a dense cloud of steam and burnt glycol.  This latter 
activity is planned for Wednesday this week (in my garage - he only has a 
parking lot).
All being well, we'll have another go either on Thursday evening (club meeting 
near Buckingham) or a week on Thursday (back at the Plough in Hickling, near 

In the interim, I have one reasonable postcard-sized print that could be 
scanned - but I have no colour scanner.  Anyone with a good colour scanner like 
to send me their snailmail address in email?
As before - this is a comparison between stock Euro lights and uprated Euro 
lights.  I literally dread to think what some people are driving behind, if 
they're worse than the stock Euro lights.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club