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A4 Driveline Shudder

Hey all...

November 4th Autoweek has a blurb on A4 1.8T on page 7.

They mention that the 1.8 does NOT have driveline shudder "that, upon 
clutch engagement, often accompanies the V6-powered A4 and A6."

Has any one experienced this?

My V6 does have this shudder, usually when shifting from 3rd to 4th 
gear.  Seems to happen when I shift up at lower rpms, i.e. 3-4000 vs. 

Also, I have found the seats in my 96 A4 to lack support for the upper 
back.  Has anyone noticed this?  Anyone out there with the new sport 
seats on the 1.8?  How do they compare?

Thank you

Steve Pitts
96 A6 Quattro Wgn
96 A4 Quattro (for sale)