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RE:lopez indicted

> German prosecutors indicted former Volkswagen purchasing chief Jose Ignacio
> Lopez, accusing him of taking trade secrets to the German automaker when he
> left General Motors Corp in 1993.

I can't imagine that GM would possibly have any "trade secrets" that
would better VW in the market place! Unless of course it would be "How
to make a diposable car that you can do absolutely no maintenece to and
drive relatively trouble free for 80-90k then it is completely worthless
ie:Chevrolet Cavalier" or how about "Get some cheesey Asian auto maker
to  produce an auto line for you, slap your badges on it, then dupe ol'
Ma & Pa into thinking they are BUYING AMERICAN cars from General
Motors." or better yet "Make an inexpensive Sports Car that appeals to
Jimmy Joe Bob that looks flashy and fast but in reality is just a 12 ton
Camero with a 4 cylinder and automatic transmission. Yeeha!"  I think
that GM should really be scared, thier "secrets" are out to the German
auto community, God help us all!

Stephen Jenkins
"laughing uproariously and rolling on the floor uncontrolablely"