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Red auto radio lamps, Yes!

Quattro Digest,

	I have seen some postings regarding the unavailability of red
illuminating aftermarket car stereos to match the Audi Dashes.  One
choice is Denon, they have some red illuminating radios or change the
lamps/lamp covers in your radio.  If you are electrically inclined, most
car stereos have incandesent lamps with rubber covers for the color,
very few have LED's.  The red lamp covers are available from an
electronics parts distributor I deal with.(I own a Pawnshop/electronicss
repair business)  They offer colored lamp hats in 2 sizes and you can
get different size and shape LED's in other colors also.  One draw back
is the company has a $20.00 minimum order policy.  If anybody is
interested in source info on these covers or would like me to do the
conversion/reapir on their stereo please E-mail me at
<sjenkins@spiretech.com> please note the subject of your message as "Red
Lamps", I get a lot of E-mail and this will help me sort and track it
much easier.

Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR