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fogging through the vents

Wife took the '93 100CSQW out this morning (about 10 degrees F out). Travelled approximately 1 mile and started to notice that smoke (fog) was coming out of the vents. She immediately turned around and returned home by which time the fog was gone. Got back in and proceeded to work (about 30 miles) and reported that the fog did NOT re-appear.

Seems to me that there was a few posts about this, although I haven't been able to find anything (mostly due to the fact that the only thing I can think of to search is fog, and of course this results in too many hits regarding fog lights).

Anybody remember what this is? Normal? What to do?

Eric Billing

Eagan, MN
'93 100CSQW - Pearl and sometimes fogs....
'91 AccordEX - Silver and never fogs.

email: eric.billing@sdrc.com