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FS: UrQ Cam (Shrick) and turbo


  Well, it's time to get rid of the last of my UrQ parts. I have a Shrick
276 cam for a solid lifter head. Has Approx. 3k miles on it and is in
perfect condition.

  Also have an oil cooled turbo from my UrQ that has had both housings and
the impellers Extrude Honed. Again, it has about 3k miles on it and it was
broke in properly (10-40 dino oil and nothing more than 8psi of boost for
the first 1000miles. After that, it saw nothing but Mobil 1 15-40). 

  I also have several other little pieces that maybe needed to get another
UrQ back on the road again. E-mail me with your needs and maybe I can come
up with something for you.

  The Cam and Turbo are for sale at best offer and buyer pays shipping.
And of course, please e-mail me privatly.

Laters, Ben
Lakewood, CO
83' UrQ #346
87' 4KCSQ