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Re: ? for Hakka users

Just adding my $.02 worth to the recent discussions about snow tires:

I'm glad to hear that someone else has tried the XM+S 330's.

Bob Davis wrote:

> I ordered the Michelin X M&S 330, and so far I like them.  The weather here
> in the upper Connecticut River Valley has covered all of the bases, and the
> tires worked in slushy snow, driving rain, hard-pack, and ice.  They're
> actually no worse than the crap Goodyear GA's that came with the car on dry
> pavement.  

I bought the Michelin XM+S 330 195/65 HR 15 winter tires for my Quattro
last year while living in the Boston area. 

The tires provided excellent control on all rain, snow, and ice
conditions encountered during a very tough winter. They are not noisy or
mushy handling on dry pavement. I would definitely buy them again if I
needed another set of winter tires.

I also ran them on a cross country trip back to California at the end of
October because the potential for freezing conditions existed along the
route thru Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

Some snow and ice was encountered in the higher elevations of Colorado
and in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, where the tires did their Winter duty
just fine.

In the dry areas, speeds of 110-125 mph were possible on the long empty
high desert roads in Colorado and Wyoming. The tires handle with
confidence at high speeds in cold temperatures (12 deg. and dry).
Cornering fast on mountain curves with temp's in the 40's was quiet, fun
and safe, but a little squirmy if pushed really hard thru tight
twisters. In spite of some significant hard driving on dry pavement, the
tires show very little wear after maybe 10,000 miles.

The rubber on these tires seems to be well designed for cool
temperatures (below 60F). Encountering temperatures in the 80's just
after arriving in CA. I noticed the tires to feel squirmy and soft in
the warm weather. 

Oh well, I had to put the D40M2's back on. There is a great road that
starts 1/2 mile from my new home. It rises 4500 vertical feet over 40
miles of smooth road, with steep grades and mixed sharp and sweeping
curves with nobody in the way. This is fun.

Best wishes to all for a safe winter, and enjoyable driving.
Gil Ceniceros
88 5kcsqw
87 5ksw