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Re: questions on buying used Audis...

> I'm trying to figure out what used Audi to get and I have a
> few questions.  I know about the archive, but has anyone tried
> to find info in this thing?  I'd have to take a week off to 
> read thru everything!

Poor thing.  You have any suggestions on summarizing years'
worth of data into a few paragraphs?

> 1.  I've been looking at '86-'87 4000Q's and noticed that they
>     all use KE-Jetronic, an electonic/mechanical combo.  Most 
>     manufacturers had switched to J-Jetronic by then.  How 
>     reliable is it?

Very.  FI rarely goes bad on the 4kqs, as long as it is well maintained.
> 2.  Does anyone have any pointers to articles on how to tweak
>     these engines from this era?  How about things to look for
>     when looking to buy a '85-'87 4000/5000?

Read the archives.
> 3.  For the '88-'91 80's and 90's, my impression is that they are
>     basically the same car with different engines and trim levels.
>     The 80Q and 90Q appear to have the same drivetrain, though.  
>     What's the difference between these two models?

Trim and engines in some cases.  The 90 usually has leather.
The later 90q had a 20v engine.
> 5.  Given the choice between an '86 4000Q and an '86 5000 turbo
>     (non Q), which would you prefer?  While I currently live
>     in the SF bay area, I plan to move to the Sierra foothills
>     in the next few years.

The 4kq is a more reliable and surefooted vehicle than the 5kt.

| Dan |