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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1459

<<Anyone out there have any experience with this chip upgrade (they claim +
22hp)? Good, bad or indifferent, I'd love some feedback. How about other
chip manufacturers?

I have one, easy installation in a 92 100 CSQ.  Fuel consumption was slightly
damaged; the 22hp really becomes apparant at 3500 rpm and above; also did the
Schaumburg Audi Throttle Body which has some effect above 2500 rpm.  I drive a
93 which belongs to a business colleague from time to time, and my upgrades
certainly give me more poke than the 93 which was claimed to have a better
throttle response.  You can also go with Schrick cams which make the most
difference but take away that very smooth low rpm performance.

Since I made these changes, I have been counting the number of times I wanted
MORE performance. Only 4 times so far.  Traffic conditions are such around
Chicago, that sustained speed of which the A6 is more than capable is much more
preferable than rocket ships.

Finally remember that your throttle is not set up like a Japanese or merican
car.  You need to press further to increase the rate of acceleration.