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RE: aiming euro lights?

I have included Joe Yakubik's instructions on doing it (from 6/6/96):

The Bentley say to use something called a "universal adaptor" which I
have never
seen anyone use.  It actually lines up on the three aiming dots.  I have
the big Hella machines, but I only use them for very fine adjustment (ie
I've already done it the old fashioned way:  spots on the wall.  Some
stations used to have marks pre-painted that made this easier, but I
seen them in a while.

Tools required:  a long Philips screwdriver, a piece of chalk,
electricians tape
(if you have euro lights you don't need the screwdriver)

Fill the tank, half or above is okay
Check tire pressure
Park on a flat, level surface about 25 feet away from a wall (Kmart type
work well - big walls, flat lots)
Rock car a few times to level suspension
(Here's the hard part -  chalk is easy to mark with, dark tape easy to
see and
Make a vertical line on the wall at the center of the vehicle (I
looking THROUGH the back window to the front and picking a spot -- an
Mark  horizontal lines, 6" or so long, on the wall the same height as
horizontal center of the headlights.
Mark vertical lines along the vertical centers, like above.
You should now have two little "plus signs" on the wall at the centers
of your
Make two additional lines three inches lower than the horizontal
The height aiming point for low beams is the lower line.  The left/right
point is the centerline -- if you have the high angled cutoff (euro
this should start at the lower-line intersection.  Use the two aiming --
MOUNTING -- screws to move them here.  euro lights have knobs -- as
depicted in
the owners manual.

                 i        / .           
                 i      /    .          
                 i    /      .         
 ----------------i--/--------.-------     Horizontal centerline
 .......3...... .i/..................     3 inches lower       
   .             i           .                    
     .           i         .                / indicates angled cutoff
       .         i       .    

High beams on one piece "aero" headlights will be simulataneously aimed,
otherwise they should be pointed at the centerline.

They almost always look too low on the wall, but that's where they're
to be.

Joe Yakubik

Have fun!
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  issaquah, wa, usa

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>Is there an easy way to aim euro lights?  I have the quad
>H4s on my 4kqs, along with the crappy US high beams (once
>I figure out my current electrical problem, no pun intended,
>I will install the H1 highs but I think I want to rewire using
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