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'91 200qw, IA-3 impressions

I've had the IA stage 3 mod for a couple of weeks now.  Done two
couple-hundred mile trips, mostly on two lanes.  In addition to the extra
hp, there is a noticeable improvement in torque as well.  Not only more,
but throughout a wider rpm range.  The onset of the increased boost is
sudden but smooth.  Feels like the boot you get when you floor the
throttle of a torquey V-8, except it comes about a half second after you
floor the throttle in first gear (no 4k rpm clutch drops here).  Redline
comes up quick in first.  In higher gears, due to the higher redline of
the 20v, the pull is long, strong, and steady.   Fourth is more than
ample 95% of the time for passing on two lanes.  From 60 in 4th with full
throttle, I approach 90 very quickly by the time I overtake and prepare
to merge back in the lane.  Around town, there is almost no noticeable
lag and the power is much stonger, making short shifting possible.  The
nature of the power delivery is much more like my Coupe than the 5ktq
was, but it reminds me more of driving a V8-engined car.  And as the revs
climb, the power does not seem to taper off.  Very impressive.

I am very intrigued by those of you who are working on mods on your own. 
For me, this was a much more appropriate way to go.  The cost is pretty
steep but the overall experience beats any of my previous attempts at
adding hp, except the IA stage 1 in the 5ktq.  The 5ktq with IA stage 1
felt just a tad stronger than the 200qw before the stage 3 mod.  Now with
the stage 3 mod, the wagon feels an order of magnitude more powerful.  I
highly recommend it. 

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882
Lansing, IA
91 200qw - Indigo blue, titanium leather, IA Stage 3
87 gt coupe - Alpine white, white leather, TSW Evo's