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RE: Interesting Car for Sale

Unless you use "innovation" to mean "not common", inboard disks were not
an NSU innovation. Alfa has used them for decades - looks very strange
with "open" wheels: "Look, Ma. No brakes at all!".
- peter
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>In message <> Ron LaPlace
>>         Make:   NSU/Audi
>>         Model:  RO-80
>>         Year:   early '70's? (he said but I missed it)
>>         Engine: 987 cc
>>                 2 rotor Wankel
>Yup, it's an interesting car.  Just don't try to use it as a form of
>For its time, it has a pretty advanced aerodynamic shape - not seen with 
>conventional Audis until the mid-1980s.  _Very_ distinctive.  It has all
>of other innovations, like inboard (sprung) disk brakes.
>The drawback is the engine.  They never did get edge sealing of the rotors 
>(analogous to piston rings) to work properly.  Wear is a serious problem.
>Its devotees are true fanatics.  There is a _very_ active RO80 club in
>Don't be fooled by the engine cc - those are "Wankel"  ccs and each is worth
>lot more than conventional ccs.  Performance is almost equivalent to a 2
> Phil Payne
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