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Re: O2 sensor Primer

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Angela Dupin wrote:

> The obvious question: Why is there not a Bosch universal listed for my 
> '86's 5kcst?

	Probably because of the multiple connectors that Audi uses. 
Audi/Bosch probably want you to go to the dealer for replacement so that
they can be more certain that you will get it all hooked up right. 

> i'm currently using a Ford 3 wire from an unknown donor car with unknown 
> history.  car runs great in open loop(cold) but hesitates and lacks 
> performance when warmed.  any suggestions?

	I put a Ford sensor in my father's 5KCSTQ, but in that case, I
knew it was brand new (I had a friend at Ford who did EFI calibration -
He's now at GM.) It is still working just fine.  Dad gets 32 -35 mpg
(Imperial gal.)

	It is possible that your sensor was used up when you got it - they
are only guaranteed for 60,000 miles by Bosch, except for the new ones
which are now rated for 100,000.  I have seen them last over 100,000
miles, but Bosch won't stand behind them for more than 60,000.

	The other possibility is that your problem may not be the result of 
a bad O2 sensor, or it may be that your O2 feedback circuit is not 
adjusted correctly.  Or the sensor may not be getting a good ground.   The 
symptoms you describe fit a bad sensor though.

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