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S4 Steering Update...

Hi Guys,

The saga of my S4's power steering problem continues...

I originally posted about my problem of having *no* power assist when
steering to the left, and *having* some when steering to the right...the
dealer service mechanics diagnosed the problem as being either the steering
rack or the Servotronic control module. So they replaced the module, and
power was restored....for only 10 days. 

Now the problem has reappeared, and they are now claiming it's a mechanical
problem. I highly doubt that, and I refuse to have the whole thing replaced.
(for a great deal of $$ for sure!)

So, anybody have any ideas?? The car was never in an accident (that I know
of), and the engine compartment is in mint condition!


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4, ready to sell this piece of crap...
1990 CoupeQ
1986, always reliable, reliable, reliable, and still *kicks* butt!!