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RE:Clutch pedal goes to floor

In a note dated 12/3/96, Tim Flint asks:

>I'm thinking of buying my brothers '86 4Kq with 200K miles on it. The clutch
pedal >goes to the floor and he doesn't have time to fix it. 
>1. Is this a symptom of a bad slave or a bad master?
Prolly both at this point...I was told do slave first and it turned out to be
the master (really got to be a pain driving bare-foot to pull pedal back up
with my toes!)
>2. How difficult is it to replace a clutch cyl on a quattro? (I did one on
my 944 and >Alfa, but never a 4X4 audi)
Slave not to tough once you get that damm pin removed-check archives for
other's experiences and proceedures.
>3. How much does a new cyl cost?
I got both of mine localy at a non-dealer parts place...I think they both
totalled around $150 or so together (was almost 3 years ago). I have seen
past posts re: rebuilding these too...might check archives about that also.
>He's almost giving the car to me, so I think it's worth fixing.I think it
has been well >maintained, but I'm not sure how long it will last with such
high mileage.
Jump on it if it looks good and you want a q...4kq's are the closest to a
"last forever car" I have ever owned. 200k is not that high for a well
maintained 4kq!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq